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Patty's LLLI Conference Blog

Monday, July 04, 2005

Conference Time!

Yesterday I did all Continuing Education sessions. The sessions were very crowded, but everyone seeme do be really interested. It was hard to get up for anything during a session, including water, which was hard on me, but I survived. :-)
Last night was the World Faire. The room seemed larger than ones in the past so it was easier to negotiate. There were some beautiful handcrafted items for sale! Colorful purses and tote bags from Guatamala, always a popular table. The Asian Countries had beautiful dolls, purses, place mats, and too much to describe. A lot of tables gave away small items like coins, stamps, even seeds. There were so many wonderful breastfeeding items it was impossible to make choices, and lost the chance to buy some items because I hesitated!
This morning I was blessed with the chance to act as hostess in the Founders' Lounge. Mary Ann Kerwin, and Betty Wagner Spandilow were wonderfully gracious to the mothers who attended. They all had a great time, some got autographs, and we took a picture which will be emailed to everyone.
Well, I'm off to do more "conferencing"

Friday, July 01, 2005

Washington DC!

We are here!
We arrived in Washington, DC on Wed. The first excitment was visiting a friend in a building that had a fire alarm go off. We all got to stand in the pouring rain waiting for the fire truck.
My dh is attending the Physician's Conference while we go sight seeing. Today we are going to the Folk Festival in the Mall.
The hotel is full of LLL people already, and the regular conference hasn't even started. It is really getting exciting. I can't wait for the opening session.